About us

We are the softfactors team of dedicated entrepreneurs who make intangible soft factors tangible. Our company combines decades of knowledge and experience in quality assessments with the use of HR tools. We build on our experience in medium, large and global HR functions as well as technical and programming knowhow for developing world-class, leading edge online solutions.

The softfactors team consists of young technology-savvy individuals and IT cracks as well as experienced HR and assessment experts. This unique combination allows us to design, develop and market the softfactors platform.

Barbara Bünger
Social Media and Blogging

Mario Casty
Regional Head of APAC. Electronic gadget lover.

Lucy Dubin, PhD
Curator of HR thought.
Dani Michel
Head of IT. Alpine climber. .NET passionate.
Helene Minder Naporski
HR advisor and assessment pioneer
Martin Müller
Founder. In charge of the boring stuff.
Reto Rüegger
Founder. In charge of the cool stuff (customers).
Stefan Stegmüller
.NET software developer and mushroom expert
Daniel Villiger, PhD
Founder. In charge of the creative and hot stuff.
Giovanni Weber
HR Generalist and Softfactors Ambassador

Find us at the softfactors office in the middle of Zurich, Switzerland:

softfactors AG
Strehlgasse 4
CH-8001 Zürich

Phone +41 (43) 544 41 02
Email info(AT)softfactors.com

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