softfactors Recruiting Suite

The softfactors recruiting suite assesses the soft skills of individuals and matches them to open positions. It increases quality and speed for hiring organizations.

Candidates are compared to job competencies and the quality of hiring decisions is thus increased. We improve employer branding through an excellent candidate experience.

The softfactors recruiting suite measures soft skills of candidates early in the hiring process (a unique mix of personality assessment, ability testing and exercises). It gives an external view on candidates with short and long lists. It speeds up time-to-hire and reduces cost-to-hire. Softfactors supports company-specific competency models and job profiles and thus enables an innovative and authentic Employer Branding.
The ability to present him/herself individually and authentically. Softfactors creates a fair and transparent hiring process. Candidates receive personalized information in form of a written candidate feedback report.


Set clear hiring goals.

A set of 26 competencies and more than 100 facets allow job descriptions and job ads to become more precise, enable line and HR to collaborate more closely and set clear hiring objectives.


Eliminate unsuitable candidates early and with style.

softfactors screening uses a series of instruments to capture the candidates’ experience, skill levels, and personality styles. It is a 20 minutes candidate experience that results for the hiring company in a long list, distinguishing between candidates who should or should not be considered (A/B/C match). In addition, hiring managers are able to introduce themselves, using modern webcam and video technologies.


Improve fit between candidate and job.


The top candidates will participate in a 90-minute online assessment involving self description, ability testing, exercises (case studies) and video. The result is a short list of a maximum of 10 candidates rank-ordered by their “soft factor”, a score indicating whom of the candidates we recommend for hire.

softfactors provides a high quality candidate assessment at significant lower costs and at less time spent for the hiring.

softfactors is an easy-to-use and robust cloud-based software as a service solution (SaaS), with maximum focus on security. It does not involve any complex system integration and works seamlessly with current HRM systems and company processes.

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