What’s Next for HR Practitioners?

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We all recognize and experience that the world of work is on a trajectory of continuous change. It is rapid. It is pervasive. And, at times, it is both overpowering and awe-inspiring.

In the recently published book, “The Rise of HR,” Diane J. Gherson and Seth Kahan, describe the multitude of changes, many based in technology, that provide striking challenges and substantial opportunities to HR professionals.

They gear us to think about today’s technologies (smart objects, wireless technology, big data analytics, cloud computing, and social media platforms) plus changes in the way we work (work done anywhere and anytime, mission-driven companies, reshaped employee expectations). Gherson and Kahan propose this combination of technologies and workplace changes demonstrate dramatic shifts that can and do impact existing HR practices, processes, and mindsets.

We propose that with this myriad of unceasing social and technological disruptions, the HR field is prompted to redefine its approaches and agenda. In turn, HR professionals need to be prepared and enabled. To quickly and thoroughly come up to speed and reshape their capabilities.

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Soft Skills make the difference

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Checking soft skills early in the recruiting process – just a „nice to have“?

Every recruiter knows the problem: time and again, the candidate with the perfect CV is not the most suitable candidate for the job. “Suitable” means: a person whose typical behavior matches with the job requirements and whose personality fits with the team.

Poorly fitting soft skills lead to expensive wrong hires, not just in management positions but everywhere in the organization, especially when the relationship side of a team shows dysfunctional symptoms.

Our behavior as human beings results from deeply rooted personality dimensions and is thus difficult to change. Do you remember how hard it can be to change an old habit and the beliefs that are attached to it? This is another reason why we should put an eye on the preferred behavior patterns of candidates.

However, the reality is often very different: Still today, many organizations focus first and singlemindedly on the fit between CV and job requirements. Only at the end of the hiring – in interviews or assessments – they eventually take a closer look at the human side.

In many recruitings, after a round of disappointing interviews, the hiring manager returns back to the initial pool of names to find another applicant. What a waste of time and resources, and how frustrating from a human point of view!

Checking soft skills early in the recruiting dramatically enhances chances of identifying a well-fitting candidate and also reduces time to hire. And the good news is: a standardized soft-skill screening is easy to implement, thanks to latest technologies. Say goodbye to elefantastic IT-implementation projects!

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Video: The wrestling nurse

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Did you know that Pythagoras was multiple Olympic Champion in wrestling?

We don’t know if wrestling was Pythagoras’ source of inspiration to develop his most famous formula: a2 + b2 = c2. Of him we think when we see the following video clip. Look at it with us, it takes less than two minutes.

Would you hire the professional nurse that you saw in this video clip? Do you think he is a good employee? And if yes, why?

The person does the job – not the CV or diploma

Volunteerism, except professional commitment, sports – from these actions we can derive crucial personality traits and skills, transferable characteristics and competencies. We believe it is always the person as a whole who does the work and makes the difference.

Softfactors matter.

PS: Soft skills like “focus” and “resilience” are measurable. And that’s what we do.

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