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June 12, 2015 no comments Recruiters World
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Did you know that Pythagoras was multiple Olympic Champion in wrestling?

We don’t know if wrestling was Pythagoras’ source of inspiration to develop his most famous formula: a2 + b2 = c2. Of him we think when we see the following video clip. Look at it with us, it takes less than two minutes.

Would you hire the professional nurse that you saw in this video clip? Do you think he is a good employee? And if yes, why?

The person does the job – not the CV or diploma

Volunteerism, except professional commitment, sports – from these actions we can derive crucial personality traits and skills, transferable characteristics and competencies. We believe it is always the person as a whole who does the work and makes the difference.

Softfactors matter.

PS: Soft skills like “focus” and “resilience” are measurable. And that’s what we do.

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Barbara Bünger brings many attributes to Softfactors. She is an accomplished writer and blogger, brings people and administrative savvy to the workplace, and is welcomed for her empathic nature. Passionate about social media, Barbara’s education includes training as a social media community manager. Ask her anything about today’s social media revolution and you’ll instantly be involved in a conversation with a very articulate and knowledgeable lady. Orignally from Hamburg, Barbara studied economics and jumped into the training and developmemt field in private industry. In 2007, she moved to Switzerland and parlayed her communication and education expertise into the public health sector. Now Softfactors AG is privileged to have her on-board and bringing her expertise and passion for managing communication activities, interfacing with clients, and bringing the best of social media to revolutionize work processes. She brings unique insights about the root cause of workplace problems whilst engaging with sensitivity and calm. Perhaps this is because of her passionate involvement with the ‘power of less’ movement.
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