Recruiting Suite now available in French

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Nouveau : La suite softfactors existe également en Français

We are continuing expanding our softfactors Recruiting Suite! The candidate experience and exercises are now also available in French. The French version runs at one of our customer’s job sites, a utility company, and has passed the test. For the moment our Recruiting Suite is available in English, German and French. Which language will be next?


You can now enjoy the soft factors Recruiting Suite from the applicants point of view – and apply for a fictitious demo job.

Competency-based e-Recruiting

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Looking for competency.

Recruiting the right human not the resource

When talking about competencies and recruiting, you have to think about the link to a company’s objectives. We all agree that employees are responsible for making strategy happen. softfactors believes that HR plays a big role in linking HRM to business objectives. This link creates leading indicators to improve talent acquisition outcomes.

So why is it that HR struggles with recruiting the cream of the talent crop? Wanting to be ahead of the curve in competing for talent is not enough. To unlock the talent market, attracting and hiring people with the right skills and attitudes is critical. But how do you best recruit them?

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