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Looking for competency.

Recruiting the right human not the resource

When talking about competencies and recruiting, you have to think about the link to a company’s objectives. We all agree that employees are responsible for making strategy happen. softfactors believes that HR plays a big role in linking HRM to business objectives. This link creates leading indicators to improve talent acquisition outcomes.

So why is it that HR struggles with recruiting the cream of the talent crop? Wanting to be ahead of the curve in competing for talent is not enough. To unlock the talent market, attracting and hiring people with the right skills and attitudes is critical. But how do you best recruit them?

Competent employees build company success

At softfactors we define competencies using measurable behaviors. The competencies for any given job is a bundle of unique skills, abilities, experiences, and attitudes. The competencies are used to achieve specific job-related goals and support the employee to contribute to the overall success of the organization.

The good news is that competencies can be measured. And when you can measure it, you can also evaluate and compare it. This is what competency based e-recruiting does. Using the softfactors recruiting suite combines the art with the science of recruiting. You jump start hiring decisions with a solid and measurable foundation based in hard and soft data. These provide talent intelligence to solve your hiring needs.

Competency-based job descriptions

How can you describe the necessary skills and competencies of a job if you have never done it before? It is easier then you think!

softfactors has compiled competency-based job descriptions into a comprehensive job library. This library is an integrated part of the softfactors recruiting suite and is free with our cloud-based software solution.

The job library consists of easily customizable templates. For each job position there are market-proven competency suggestions for you to use. The competencies can be modified and weighted according to importance and individual job requirements.

In total there are 26 competencies in the softfactors recruiting suite. The competencies are further defined using a portfolio of over 100 facets. Depending on the job profile, a competency can have unique attributes. The attributes are emphasized using selected facets. For example, the competency of “Drive for Action” may need risk taking in job A and in job B it may require initiating changes.

softfactors provides you with the tools to fine-tune the competencies and their facets for every job and helps you to create an accurate and unique job description for each opening.

Competency-based recruitment is akin to matchmaking

Competencies should be an integrated part of every job description. This enables a data driven match – comparing the job requirements to the skills, abilities, experiences, and attitudes of applicants.

The softfactors matching algorithm is the core of our competency-based e-recruiting. It filters the job fit of suitable candidates at an early stage in the application process. From a process point of view, it works like on-line dating.

A dating platform compares profiles of both parties using an intelligent and smart matching algorithm. The romance seeker receives a list of suitable partners, which s/he then evaluates more closely. softfactors is similar — the hiring company receives a list of suitable applicants, measured and weighted according to their competency match to the job profile.

The company’s success is always in focus

HR is often under pressure to do more with fewer staff members and deliver a greater ROI. Now it is easier than ever to implement your organizational objectives through recruiting. softfactors is a cloud-based solution that delivers a straightforward way to find the right candidates with the competencies to meet the specific job requirements and thus contribute to the overall company success.

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