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Personality@Work: A straightforward tool for the complex world of work

When filing a job, putting together a team or designing an employee’s development plan, it can be beneficial to have a sketch of an individual’s temperament. The personality structure of a person and the associated behavioral preferences play a central role in a good-fit to a job and a company.

Softfactors proposes it is sufficient to use a comprehensive and economical assessment tool to understand a person’s basic preferences and personality. Offered in our Recruiting Suite, Personality@Work is an uncomplicated and easy-to-use tool.

Assessment with easy handling

Personality@Work is a digital self-assessment that describes the way someone thinks, makes decisions and interacts with people.

Completed in 15 minutes or less, it consists three on-line tests using self-descriptions. The process is intuitive to use and easy to navigate making it efficient and fun!

Self Description: I am ...

Self Description: I am …

Personality@Work is one of the instruments of the softfactors Recruiting Suite, which includes a total of 12 instruments. The Recruiting Suite measures the social skills and personality of applicants and compares with the requirements of the advertised post. The tool Personality@Work can also be used as a stand-alone assessment solution.

Crisp profiles and groundbreaking reflection questions

Our Personality@Work tool measures six behavioral aspects:

  • Social
  • Rational
  • Thorough
  • Creative
  • Extrovert
  • Introvert

The distribution of responses to these six dimensions shows a person’s specific behavioral preferences in an easy-to-read diagram.

Profile in the form of a spider-graphic

Profile in the form of a spider-graphic

Uniquely, softfactors provides each person with a customized profile including an infographic showing his or her preferences plus reflective questions for personal development. This is an exclusive feature – much appreciated by job-candidates and employees.

If you need to quickly understand personality structure

Personality@Work enables you to quickly map the essential behavioral characteristics of individuals. It effectively supports the employee interview or candidate selection and can also be used for the composition and development of teams. It is an inclusive tool that provides a basis for development processes of all kinds.

Test your Personality@Work – as one tool of the softfactors Recruiting Suite!

Curious? We invite you test-drive this tool by creating your own Personality@Work profile. It is easy to do – just click on the link. Your customized profile will be sent to you automatically and free-of-charge by email with no obligation.

Click here for digital Assessment “Personality@Work.”

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